Monday, June 28, 2010

Rick Mercer Mural! Woo!

Finally done, here it is!
It took forever to finish, but here it is!
I'm actually quite glad about the way it turned out. But I still needed to add a bit of shading to a couple of things now that I realize it. Oh well.
This was made from reference, painting was done on a board, and with house paint
(you know, that paint that really is hard to paint with and is a bitch to work with afterwards... you all know the one)
Anyways, I just came on here to say that and I will also be doing the Animation Fundamentals program @ Capilano University this summer! :D
Anywho, that is all for now!

*And Happy Birthday Sam!*

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finished my Last Highschool Art Project!

So I finished my last highschool art projet yesterday (after I don't know how many weeks) :)
Basically, it is a pretty big board (a little bit smaller than a small car's windshield) and on this board, in black and white house paint, we had to paint our choice of a subject. My subject was Rick Mercer, the man who was on 22 minutes and who has his own show, The Rick Mercer Report. I did him because he is quite funny and his show has a lot to do with Canadian politics, which I enjoy learning about. I'll post it up later on my blog so everyone can see. I'll post it on my DA too :3
Anyways, that is basically all except for the fact that I have 2 provincial exams left before I am finally out of highschool.