Saturday, November 13, 2010

I think it's about time...

Hey there everyone! For those of you who have seen me somewhere before, I am alive!!! (well, barely...) But I am scanning in some of my summer animation stuff and my little mini portfolio that I am taking today to Capilano U to show! :)
So, let's do the time warp again and start with the summer animation stuff!:

So first off, we have a room perspective:
Hahaha, Sorry it's a bit tilted, that's the way I put it in the scanner and I was too lazy to fix it.
Then, here is my character design package I did:
And it's from the summer by the way, so I think I have improved from then.
I also showed this during the Open House for Capilano, and they said it was good, so that's alright with me :)
But here are some more things I took to Open House:
Tone study, this was nearly the first thing we did in our Intro to Drawing class.

Home tone study
Cloth Study. This one I had a bit of a time with but oh well.
The cloth study I did at home. This I think went better than the first time for sure :P
Negative Space Study. The last "Fine Art Piece" that was not a life drawing that I asked the portfolio people to see. I really have a hard time with negative space...
But they did tell me that I shouldn't really put that stuff in, only if it's something extra and in that case, only one of them.
But on to the life drawings that I did! :D
Urgh. This one isn't that great, but it was better than some of the others I've done.
Better since it shows structure, but I needed to add in the thing she was leaning on and add hands. Also, it looks a bit stiff.
Even better now :) I actually like this one and I'd probably use it if I just added hands and finished it up a bit.
This one was the favourite of the reviewers. And I'm glad since I quite like this one too. And it also shows weight.
There is also a drawing from life that I did as well. They thought it was good and I just need to do some more :) Here it is:

Those are the gestures that I showed them, and I also had long poses too (sadly more long poses than I really need) but here they are:
This one was probably 15 minutes. Not the best really :(
This one was 20 minutes. It went better, but it still isn't the best.
This one was I think an hour? I can't remember, but I like the face :) But I needed to work on the rest of the body.
This one was I think, again, an hour. This turned out better than the other one, even when this one was done before the other one XD
This one was 2 1/2 hours. I actually did this for Visual Culture class, not for Drawing, but I actually like it. It was hard doing the space in behind though...
And now for the other stuff such as character designs and self-portraits! Yay!
Her hair is so much fun to draw, and she's also easy to draw, so I think I'll use her.
I just really like his head. Seriously, I just need to draw a body for him.
But he's also fun to draw.
Now, they suggested not adding these kinds of portraits, but this is the portrait that I did of my little sister (who kept moving as I was drawing her) but I like the way I did the hair and shadows.
This is my self portrait. I think I did a pretty good job except I noticed a couple of things that were off afterwards :( Oh well.
And finally, my painting self-portrait. It looks better irl, but I think I did a good job on the dramatic light :)

Anyways, I all of these to the open house. It was fun, and I'm glad I got feedback on what I have so far. Hopefully I can keep working at it for the next open house.
That's all for now *disappears into the shadowy corner*