Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Demo Reel!

Here's my demo reel for you all:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hello everyone!
Here is my new portfolio:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Digital Animation Portfolio

Hello there!
Here is my entrance portfolio for going into Digital Animation.



Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Capilano Portfolio 2011!

Hello everyone :)
It has been too long since I posted something, but I might as well make it good if I am right?
But just as an extra note, it took me for freaking ever to actually:
1) Scan in some of the drawings
2)Take photos of all (or nearly all) of the life drawings
3) Fix up the scans and photos so that they don't look horrible and
4) Organizing them and fitting them onto their respective pages.
It may not sound like much, but it caused me to not get sleep at all to finish all of these.
And so, I give you my portfolio to Capilano for said post.
First, I'll start off with the Life Drawings:
So with this first page, this is pretty much gestures of 30 seconds to about 1(.5) minute(s). Not sure of how many 30 second drawings there might be in there though (maybe about 2?). These are all "standing" gestures.

More gestures. Approximately same times. Also "standing" gestures.
These took slightly longer than the previous gestures, about 1-5 minutes. These are "lying down/ getting up" gestures.
These are all longer poses as well, about 2-5 minutes. "Sitting" and "Getting Up" gestures (with the obvious exception).
These gestures are, again, about 30 seconds- 1(.5) minute(s) (with 1 exception). All poses with poles/sticks.
Same thing here, except the poses are slightly longer (2-5 minutes)
More poses with sticks/poles, though there is a bigger variety with the times taken on each (from 30 seconds- about 4/5 minutes.
These are the longer poses that I've done (about 5 minutes or more). There is more detail on these poses.

Again with longer poses, about same times.

And that's it for the Life Drawings. I would like to know, which ones are your favourites?

And here are the Drawings from Life. Not too much to say about these, but most of these were taken in Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and on the bus/skytrain. As for how long each took, I would not be able to say as I forget =|

These were actually taken at a soccer game that my dad was the referee for (though it doesn't look like him OTL ). These were for the purpose of having more "action" shots for the drawings from life. I'm not entirely sure how I did on these though...

And now for Character Design!
Wait... character design? That's right, since these happened to be my weakest drawings for character design, they go in the middle (as per recommendation).
Normally, if I were to go by the order of importance, it would go:
1) Life Drawings
2) Drawings from Life
3) Location/Perspective drawing(s)
4) Animal Drawings
5) Character Design
But anyways, here they are:
Anyone from the summer program would remember this guy, I drew him all of the time. Well, unfortunately, I had a bit of a time with character design, so I decided to reduce, reuse, and recycle with this guy (with a new pose!) since I already had a turn-around for him and a pose that worked. (Also, this was the section I did last >< )... but...
Oh boy, if I could redo this page I would. Ugh, this has to be my least favourite page out of all of the pages. Unfortunately, I am not that great at character design and I did this at the very last moment... meaning I did, in fact, procrastinate on this. Oh well, it could have been worse.

Time to go onto something better, my Layout/Perspective!:

You have no idea how long it took for me to actually finish this, it seriously took me 5 times going back there (maybe more) to finish this since either the spot I was sitting in was taken, or I ran out of time and had to come again. But I really like the way this turned out.
An invisible gold star to whoever guesses where I did this of (for those of you who I already told, no guessing for you, but you do get an invisible gold star :P ).

And now, Animal Studies!
Dear lord I hope I don't have to draw my cat (much) again. He either needs to be sleeping or have a buzz-cut (Mohawk!) before I draw him again. Reason? He's simply too damn furry. When he sits down, you literally cannot see his legs or where they join his body; all you can see is a head, a gigantic long-furred body, and a long fuzzy tail, so you can imagine how fun it was to actually try and get my cat's anatomy properly drawn D: But the results aren't bad though.
Again, more of my cat and some new 4-legged animals. I went to the Vancouver Aquarium since they have their Amazon exhibit on right now and I managed to draw the sloth (it was awake!) and 2 of the monkeys. However...
I mainly went there to draw birds. I really like how these turned out. Though I hope to never go when it is ridiculously busy ever again. Also, it's pretty hot inside the amazon exhibit (durr...) and at the time I went, I never knew it could get as busy as it did. I also recommend not bringin your stroller. I really hate having to move for them >:(

But anyways, I hope you all enjoyed looking at my portfolio, I worked really quite hard on it, and I hope I can get into the program. Just asking, which page is your favourite?
Now I just have to wait to hear back from them.....
Uh oh...........